Devon hospital hosting wedding to include long-term care resident

A very special event is being held at the Devon General Hospital this week.

A very special event is being held at the Devon General Hospital this week.

A bride- and groom-to-be are holding a small, COVID-safe wedding in the courtyard outside the Devon Hospital on Saturday, to include a relative in the long-term care facility.


Tiffany Grabski and Jon Mark Walls, set to be married this Wednesday, Mar. 31, are hosting a special ceremony in Devon so that Tiffany’s grandmother, Angeline Grabski, can attend.

“We decided given COVID and everything that’s happening, if we’re going to have a small ceremony, we might as well bring it to her and have it in the hospital,” Grabski said.

The couple have been working with the staff at the Devon Hospital to ensure all regulations are followed and that the long-term care residents stay safe. The current provincial maximum for weddings is 10 people, so the Grabski-Walls wedding was capped at eight to ensure hospital staff can stay on site as well.

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“The hospital seems pretty excited. It’s something people can look forward to,” Grabski commented. “They’re talking about it a lot.”

“We spoke with the manager there and … he really felt like it was something that could put a little bright spot on the year,” Walls added.

The wedding will also be livestreamed on Zoom, so their friends and family from across the world can tune in.

Grabski also credited the staff in long-term care with keeping her and the family in touch with her grandma Angeline when restrictions were in place and ensuring Angeline was well taken care of, calling them the “unsung heroes”.

“She’s really kind of the rock that holds the whole family together,” Grabski said of her grandma. “It’s really brought the family together having her in the place that we all come to visit. That’s been pretty special.”

Grabski and Walls met in Switzerland in 2015 at the United Nations. The pair quit their jobs at the start of 2019, planning to travel the world, before COVID ground their plans to a halt.

“We decided we needed a bit of a break and a career change so we both quit our jobs and decided to travel the world for a couple of years. But then COVID hit,” Grabski explained. “We were in Columbia so we decided we would take a last-minute flight, actually it was the last flight to leave Columbia to get to Canada.”

Grabski and Walls have led very international lives prior to the pandemic, traveling the globe together. For the last year, Grabski and Walls have been exploring the province of Alberta, Tiffany’s home, and spending quality time with family, including Grammie Angeline whenever possible.

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Even if they can’t travel as far as they’re used to, they’ve been keeping their adventures going at home in Alberta with Grabski’s family, introducing Walls to western Canada.

“We’ve been joking that I’ve been earning my Canadian Boy Scout badges up here in everything from the Northern Lights to seeing bears in the backyard to getting to go Alberta whitetail hunting and ice fishing,” Walls said. “It’s been really incredible to get this opportunity to be with [Tiffany’s] family because we are away so much.”

After the wedding, the pair will travel to Tennessee, to Walls’s childhood home for a visit, before making the move across the pond to Cambridge University in England, where Walls will be pursuing a Masters in Public Policy and Grabski will continue work on her PhD dissertation through the University of Geneva.

Grabski and Walls also run a blog together at about their adventures.

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